From A Listening Heart: Sharing some of my thoughts and "God moments" as God grows me in my faith and speaks to my heart, while I seek His face and to know Him.

My friend, something I have learned is that: Your past does NOT define you... It is through the eyes of grace, and how GOD sees you, and what you let Him do IN YOU and THROUGH you (because of your past), that defines who you are, and shapes who you become!

About Kassie

-- The writer behind Cypress Ministries--

Kassie is a writer and Bible teacher for Cypress Ministries. She is currently working on her Bachelors Degree in Biblical studies and teaching, along with her certification as a Biblical counselor. She has three boys, and stays very busy with them, her studies, and the writing projects God has given to her. In her writing, she often speaks of "her spot at the river" where she finds peace and spends quiet time with God. You will also hear a lot about "her tree." When she can't walk the mile and a half down to her spot at the river she sits  in her car under a big cottonwood tree to study. It is not unusual to see her sitting in the car with the windows rolled down enjoying the fresh air, or down by the water's edge barefooted (and YES often times in heels) with her computer and Bible, listening to God. She has a deep love for God's Word, and to help others grow in their relationship with God.

 >> PERSONAL NOTE FROM KASSIE: As of Sept. 17, 2012

Hi, my name is Kassie and I write under the name of Cypress Ministries. I have three boys and my birth name is Lisa, but I have been going by Kassie for way many more years than Lisa, so that is what most people know me as.Now  a lot of people ask me why I write under the name of Cypress Ministries, so I would like to explain. It is simple really-- you see God has not given me my new last name that He has promised. I decided that I didn't want to be one of those "one name people" and I didn't want to use my ex-husband's name, and I didn't want to use my maiden name, because later I wouldn't be able to go back and change the name on the books that had already been published. So when it came time to put an "author's name" down for my first book; I used the only name God had given me.

I invite you to read my testimony of how Cypress Ministries came about; I have more that I would like to share about some of the promises God has given me, and about how I came to be here today-- but I will wait for another time. 

In the meantime, I hope you will enjoy this blog and have a wonderful and blessed day.

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I am very much at peace in this decision to write under Cypress Ministries because I know that one day God will give me the husband He has promised, and I will give Cypress Ministries to him as my wedding present. I know that "he" is to make God's Name known, and I am to help him. So I am preparing my banquet (so to speak), getting ready, and awaiting for what God has promised-- and waiting for "him."

I know there are many people who are called and anointed to convert a non-believer, but this is not my calling. My heart's desire is to "feed the hungry." I thrive on studying God's Word. I love that He has called me to help those who are hungry for Him; to help them in their walk of faith, and teaching them God's Word and how to apply it to their lives today.

Though I started out as a biblical counselor-- I have found that my "counseling" and ministry really is in writing. I know that God has shown me that at one point I will have to come out from behind the computer and actually "speak". And believe me, I have fought Him on this one-- but only half heartily-- I know that when that time comes, He will equip me. I keep reminding Him that I am from Texas, and very much have an accent. I also remind Him that I talk too fast-- and talk way too much-- and repeat myself excessively... "so are You sure You want me to do that?" He keeps saying "Yes." So one of these days, however He leads it, I will be talking to you "face to face".

When I decided to start this blog-- it was with a strong "from my heart" impression God gave me while I sat in a very special place just in quiet time with Him. At first I was confused; "Lord, I already write from my heart. Haven't you seen the book I wrote, or the daily devotionals, of Bible studies? All of which are from my heart and kinda personal since I already share so much of my life in them..."

But again, it just kept being impressed on me, "from my heart" and I realized that, yes, I do share a lot of my life and write from my heart in all my work-- but I don't really share "me" or personal thoughts that God is teaching me, or just open up and write from this woman's heart for others to read.

When I realized what God was showing me, l was like "are you kidding me???" I have already shared so much about me and my family in my writing... "You want me to do what? Do I really have to be that much of an open book?"  But again, I felt the overpowering "from my heart." 

There are a few passages that I immediately thought about that reference "from my heart" in the Bible... none of which really corresponds with this blog, so I know that there must be a double meaning of what God is laying on me, but for now it is enough that I take a step in what I believe to be obedience, and start sharing from my heart with you some things I have held in private.


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