From A Listening Heart: Sharing some of my thoughts and "God moments" as God grows me in my faith and speaks to my heart, while I seek His face and to know Him.

My friend, something I have learned is that: Your past does NOT define you... It is through the eyes of grace, and how GOD sees you, and what you let Him do IN YOU and THROUGH you (because of your past), that defines who you are, and shapes who you become!

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Walking Through Our Grief and the Valley of Death

Hello, So I wanted to share a lesson God has really been showing me and laying on my heart recently; it is the word "through"... 
In Ps. 23 it says "Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death..." And if you notice, it's not where it says "He makes me lie down..." He lays us down in green pastures, so in other words... During the valley of death, He gives us comfort... But He brings us through and He even makes a table for us in the presence of those who are working against us.
Another place is in Isa. 43 it says "when we walk through the waters, the rivers the fires..." He is with us. But, notice we still have to walk through it! 
When the Israelites came to the Red Sea... And then the Jordan River... They had to walk through the pathway God had made for them. So again, THROUGH! 
He doesn't expect us to live and lay down in our grief. He expects us to go through it (with Him) so that we can get back to living and glorify Him, and sharing our story of comfort He gave us, so we can extend it and help others. But, in the process, we have to let go of our grief (and our hurt) and start living again... Otherwise, we are just laying down in the wrong place... And this allows the enemy to rob us of the healing and the future He would have for us. What we allow affects more than just us... When we lay down and accept the grief it consumes us. And then it's all we know, and we start seeing those who are here to help us stand up again and start walking as the enemy.
I hope you have a wonderful day,