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Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Waters Are Receeding

Hi, yesterday marked the one year date that I called my friend Wendy to tell her about my "tide is turning" and the wedding vision God had given to me. So I decided to go see what my spot at the river looked like, and maybe go sit where I sat last year. Typically this time of year my spot is completely under water and you cannot reach it-- or get anywhere close to it. But yesterday, though it was muddy, I stood there and watched two white ducks swim in the water close by. I took several photos that I will share later; but first I want to share something from my heart.


From my heart:

Yesterday I drove down to my tree and parked the car and walked down to my spot at the river. I really had no hope of being able to get to it, at this time of year it is completely underwater. However-- this year it was different. Not only could I make it to the little fork in the brush off the main trail to get to my spot-- I was able to sit there for about two and half hours and praise and worship God. I first bent over and made it through the brush and got to my spot at the water, and yes, my spot was clear. It was muddy, but I was able to stand there just the same. In front of me were two white ducks-- just two and no more-- swimming around and fishing. I watched for a really long time as neither left the other's side and would put their heads down in the water to fish around.

I can not tell you how much peace and assurance this gave me, and the HOPE that good things and blessed promises are sure to come. After watching the ducks for awhile, I backed up and went and sat in the "opening of the brush" you have to climb through in order to get to the water. It was so incredibly peaceful and so very beautiful! I took my shoes off and walked around in it barefooted and took some pictures, and then sat down with my Bible and prayed. I sang a little and mostly just worshipped God. I had to laugh because I decided that when God's promise if fulfilled, and He brings me "my man" this is where I want our engagement pictures taken. I sat there and grinned while thinking about a friend of mine-- who I would ask to photograph us. I am glad she is adventurous, because the picnic and just us sitting together under the canopy of trees, is going to be a little bit different than your typical engagement photos you see.

While I was sitting there-- the peace that filled me was so overwhelming. And the "HOPE" was almost more than I wanted to let my heart have. But as I sat there looking at the grass that should have been underwater, I started thinking-- just maybe-- the waters are starting to recede in my life. Maybe the very symbolic sign of what should have been underwater but instead was fresh and green and full of life-- was me and my life. That maybe in my life (too) the waters are starting to recede; so that I can cross the Jordan into all that God has promised me.

Last year when I called Wendy to tell her bout the whole "Tide is Turning" thing, I remember telling her how DRY I felt, even my mouth felt parched. I couldn't seem to get enough water to drink to quench my body and hydrate it. Everything in me just felt so incredibly dry! But we had had a lot of rain in the winter and spring of that last year so the water was way high! (You can see photos of this in the last post) So you see-- it was just ME. I remember Wendy laughing saying maybe I should be praying for a refreshing of "His Living Water" and though that may have sounded good-- and typically been very good advice-- it wasn't that kind of dry I felt. I didn't feel spiritually dry-- just parched. I remember thinking later, "Well duh, the Israelites walked across the Jordan River on DRY ground" And the river I was looking at was anything but dry land! So what in the world did all of that mean?

But as I sat there yesterday, I realized the ground was dry! We haven't had ANY rain in months, so maybe this was what God showed me last year; that I needed to wait for the right season-- and that it was coming. That God knew when the rains would fall, and when they wouldn't. The waters are slowing receding! And it reminded me of Noah, after the rains, he still had to wait till the following year to finally see dry land and the earth showing new life before getting off the boat. So again it gives me hope.

And what is kind of humorous is that as I write this I noticed that the winds have started picking up today. This morning it was wonderful, but this afternoon it is pretty windy. But I won't complain-- Noah had to endure some hard winds too, as God sent them to dry up the water.

So I am going to look up-- I am going to worship and thank God because I know He is faithful and I too will see the day, and hear God finally say, "Now go out. Go up and take the land I have promised you."

My friend, have a wonderful day!


These first 3 pictures are of the main path and the break in the brush for me to go through to get down to the water.

You can see my spot from the river--
so excited that the water is low enough for me to get to it!

I was so excited to be able to get to my spot-- look at the two ducks!
The discoloration of these next two photos is from the sunlight.

Here are the two ducks that were swimming around at my spot.

Looking back up at the bridge I was just standing on.

These next 3 photos are of the place I have to go through from the main path to the spot at the river I talk about.

Here is "my river spot"

This is what I have to climb through in order to get to my spot at the river.

 This spot where I was sitting with my Bible, was completely under water this time last year. In fact the water came all the way up to the break in the trees you see.


  1. Beautiful Kassie! Thank you for sharing!

  2. It is such a beautiful spot. Love the Signs God sent. Praying for you and your husband to meet soon.

    1. Hi Janie, I am delighted that you "stopped by". Thank you so much for your prayers.


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